Latest Creations

This is a sampling of some of my most recent work


Welcome to the recently updated website of Jerry Walsh Artisan. I create distinctive accents for the home and garden using recycled, grey old wood and driftwood, and accent the pieces with outdoor paints and metal. This is not an online store, but rather a space where you can see the type of product I create. The information is updated regularly, and while not every piece created is displayed, the site showcases a wide sample of each product line. So, have a look around and please contact me if you are interested in any of my work. The phone number and email address can be found on my contact page.  


Lucky 8s

The Peggy's Cove Area Festival of the Arts invited members of the festival to submit pieces for a new project - "Pieces of Eight".  The only criteria is that the piece must be 8" by 8" or in the case of 3-dimensional work, an 8" cube.

After much thought, I decided to use the number "8" in various sizes and shades of blue. Because, in Chinese culture, eight is considered to be a very lucky number, I titled the piece "Lucky 8s".

This piece, along with twenty other submissions, is on display for the month of June at the Credit Union in Upper Tantallon.

I love that the Festival continues to challenge its members to expand our creativity!

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